Welcome to Extended Mind

What do we believe?

We believe all significant, memorable achievements happen through collaboration.

What do we do?

Our tools and workshops support individuals and organisations to engage better, to improve performance and to achieve growth.

How do we help to achieve those aspirations?

Everything we do for our clients is based on the art and science of connected collaboration. We help individuals to create intelligent networks and form genuine relationships that achieve those results.

Using a pragmatic balance of neuroscience, contemporary psychology and timeless techniques from the Arts, we offer experiences and techniques designed to build the connected organisation.

What are your goals?

Whether they are to...

  • Drive top line growth
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Break down silos between different functions or different business partners
  • Develop leaders that perform brilliantly in our complex social world
  • Achieve greater levels of entrepreneurship and innovation

...we can help.

What do we offer?

Our core products, tools and experiences include:

  • Collaboration workshops
  • Bespoke Leadership Development
  • Strategy Development & Planning
  • Team Development
  • Executive Impact Coaching
  • Intelligent Network Mapping
  • The EM Collaboration Index

To connect with us:

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Howard Burton

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